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People Counting and Conversion

People Counter

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The People Counter counts visitors into your space using cutting edge traffic monitoring technology with two lenses to deliver granular and accurate insights into consumer behaviors.

Our Customers

Seibu Department Stores / AEON Mall / VenusFort / unimo Chiharadai / TRESSA YOKOHAMA / CANAL CITY HAKATA / Futako Tamagawa Rise Shopping Center / DiverCity Tokyo Plaza / MARK IS and more

Consulting for Development, Operations, Strategic Planning

Retail Consulting

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With experience of developing and operating more than 200 shopping malls and commercial complexes worldwide, we provide efficient and effective retail consulting according to the customers’ needs

Our Customers

AEON Mall Co., Ltd. / Aeon Retail Co., Ltd. / AEON KYUSHU CO., LTD. / AEON MALL CHINA / FJ. Entertainment Works Ltd. (konoha mall HASHIMOTO) / ES-CON JAPAN Ltd. (SHOPPING CENTER SOYOCA FUJIMINO) / HIWADA SHOPPING MALL CO., LTD. (Shopping Mall Festa) / HINAGA KAYO and more


    #CMS #UX/UI DESIGN #OPERATION Our focus on digital designs is fun and easy to use Our CMS is specialized for the websites of shopping malls, which enables our customers to easily and quickly post, update and publish content every day.

    #@Mall Site Our website analysts regularly visit customers’ site, to collect and accurately update their website content. By communicating face to face at the property level, our customers’ websites stay fresh, rich and up-to-date.

    #OPERATION We support, update and operate digital signage and displays for rich and effective retail promotional activities.

    #PRODUCTION #DIGITAL SIGNAGE CONTENTS #MOVIE FOR WEBSITE #DRONE We differentiate ourselves with added expertise in areal drone filming to provide customers with unique angles, dynamic footages and a range of digital content.


  • PeakPerformance

    Founded in 1986 by skiers. One of the most popular and trusted sports lifestyle brands in Sweden.


    Premier high function outdoor apparel brand for kids. Founded by two moms in Sweden in 2005.

  • douchebags

    Norweigean bag brand created by skier Jon Olsson. A unique mix of urban and active.

  • ABS

    The ABS Avalanche Airbag System is emergency equipment, which under certain conditions can prevent a total burial if activated.