RCT Systems Japan, Inc. (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates (the “Site”). This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information we receive from users of the Site.

As a company that conducts People Counter business, shopping center operation support, and retail business, RCT Systems Japan, Inc. has many opportunities to contact customers’ personal information and confidential information, and we can appropriately handle of the information itself is a social responsibility.
Among them, regarding protection of personal information that can identify an individual, while defining the following matters, we declare that we will carry out and maintain this.

  1. When acquiring personal information, we will identify the purpose of use as much as possible and acquire personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose.
  2. If you obtain personal information directly from the person in writing, we will inform you of our name, the name of the personal information protection manager, contact information, purpose of use, etc., and acquire personal information to the extent necessary.
  3. We clearly define the purpose of use to the extent necessary for business operation, and properly acquire, use and provide personal information. In addition, we will use the acquired personal information only within the scope of the purpose of use, and take steps to prevent use outside the purpose, and establish and implement the procedure.
  4. We will manage the personal information we hold in an appropriate way, and will not disclose or provide it to any third party without the consent of the person.
  5. Depending on the purpose of use, we will manage the personal information we hold in an accurate and up-to-date manner within the necessary range, and take reasonable security measures against leakage, loss or damage of personal information. Strive to prevent and correct.
  6. When outsourcing the processing of personal information, we will implement appropriate management by contract to prevent leakage and provision to third parties.
  7. About disclosure of personal information held by our company, if you are asked to disclose of personal information to our contact office, we will respond promptly.
  8. If the person who provided the personal information to us, request refuses to disclose to a third party, we will respond promptly if contact our contact office.
  9. We will respond to complaints / consultations regarding personal information held by contacting our contact office.
  10. We will comply with applicable laws and regulations, national guidelines and other norms regarding personal information held.
  11. We will establish a personal information protection management system, review it regularly, and continuously improve it.

Date of enactment: June 15, 2011
Revision Date: July 1, 2020

RCT Systems Japan, Inc.
CEO Haruyuki Fukushima

Purpose of Use

We lawfully and properly collect Personal Information only to fulfil the purpose and scope of use under this Privacy Policy (“Purpose of Use”).
When a Customer is requested by we to provide Personal Information, the Customer will be informed of the objective and use and we will not use the collected Personal Information for any other objective and use than those informed.
Unless otherwise permitted under applicable laws and regulations, we will not collect nor use the Personal Information without the Customer’s consent.

Personal information in the case of direct writing

  1. Purpose of using personal information collected from customers.
    Shipping of products, guidance of products / services / events, provision of product support / maintenance, response to product inquiries / consultations, product development, business negotiations with customers, etc.
  2. Personal information of the person in charge of each client company.
    Business operations related to business negotiations and necessary business contacts, supplier information management, purchasing and payment, sales and billing, etc.
  3. Purpose of using personal information about applicants for employment.
    Providing / contacting employment information etc. to applicants for employment, management of recruitment operations at our company
  4. Purpose of using employee information
    Work management, personnel salary, welfare benefits, social insurance, business contact etc.

Personal information in the case of obtaining without direct writing.

We will not, except in any of the following cases, transfer the Personal Data to a third party without prior consent by the Customer.

  1. We commissions a third party to handle the Customer’s Personal Data only to fulfil the Purpose of Use stipulated in this Privacy Policy.
  2. We must cooperate with a country organization, local government and/or their respective agents executing their task prescribed by laws and regulations, and obtaining the Customer’s consent is likely to impede the operation of such task.
  3. The provision is particularly required to improve public health and promote the sound growth of children and obtaining the Customer’s consent is difficult.
  4. The provision is required to protect the life, health or property of an individual, and obtaining the Customer’s consent is difficult; or the provision is required otherwise by laws and regulations.

Purpose of use of personal information collected for crime prevention and safety management by recording images.

  1. Crime prevention at outdoor brand stores / Safety management in the parkour classroom

Security Control

We shall endeavor to maintain the accuracy and of Personal Data as far as it deems necessary to fulfil the Purpose of Use stipulated in this Privacy Policy, and to delete Personal Data as soon as it becomes no longer necessary.
We moreover shall endeavor to supervise every employee and contractor charged with handling Personal Data so as to ensure its secure management and operation. We safeguard the Customer’s Personal Data on a secure network, and employ various measures to prevent its loss, mishandling, unauthorized use, falsification, destruction or leakage, etc. The Company designates the persons responsible for the management of, and limits the number of persons given access to Personal Data. We also prevent unauthorized access to the Personal Data through the use of passwords, firewalls, electronic locks and other methods.

We will notify the purpose of use of personal information subject to disclosure, disclose, correct / add / delete contents, stop use, stop / eliminate and stop provision to third parties (hereinafter referred to as “disclosure etc.”) When there is a request of it responds without delay, and establishes the procedure etc. as follows.

  1. Offeree
    Requests for disclosure, etc., should be made by phone, using the following as the contact office
    RCT Systems Japan, Inc.
  2. Documents etc. to be submitted upon request for disclosure.
    Fill in the required items on the prescribed “Personal Information Disclosure Request Form” and submit..
  3. Confirmation method of the person or agent
    • We will judge comprehensively with the personal information of the person held by our company.
    • In the case of a legal representative, please show the family register copy, etc.
    • If you are a delegated agent, please submit a power of attorney.
  4. Answer method
    We will reply to you at the address of the person (or the agent) by mail limited to you.
  5. Fees and payment methods for notification of purpose of use and disclosure
    We will transfer a fee of ¥ 1,100 (tax included) to our company for each request.

About handling of personal information and complaint / consultation counter about personal information protection management system.

Please inform the person in charge of disclosure and complaint consultation about the handling of personal information and complaints and consultation regarding the personal information protection management system.

We are an eligible business entity for accredited personal information protection groups.
The name of the accredited personal information protection group and the application for resolution of complaint are as follows.

Name of authorized personal information protection group:JIPDEC
Complaint Resolution Contact: Personal information complaint consultation room
Roppongi First Building 1-9-9 Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo
Toll free number:0120-700-779

Inquiry about the handling of personal information

RCT Systems Japan, Inc.
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