Be a Rock, Always

In 1990, a friend of mine in Chicago developed and patented our core technology. That was when I started the business we not operate. I have had “Be a Rock” in my heart since then.

With system installations worldwide, customized reporting and analytics, and consulting, our businesses have grown around the analysis of the customer traffic in shopping centers, malls and others venues.

Since its founding RCT Systems Japan, Inc., has expanded not only People Counter system installations and operations, but also evolved into, consulting, website development and optimization (Japan, China, ASEAN), distribution of multiple Nordic outdoor equipment brands, and retail aerial monitoring forming a unique global set and portfolio.

Yoshiyuki Fukushima, CEO of RCT Systems Japan, Inc.


Have fun like a kid and act with maturity

The size of the company and its revenue has grown 100 times after twenty years since RCT Japan started its journey. But the success in business is not enough. Our goal is to create a business environment where customers, partners and our employees are all happy and respectful to each other, and collaboratively and effectively work together.

To be a rock, to have fun, and be young even as a mature company, RCT Japan will promote active lifestyles through our actions and decisions. Investing in our facilities and organization, one of our major goals by 2020 is to support all of our corporate employees and staff with time and an environment to be fully engaged in sports/athletic/social activities.