TERRACE Athletics, the newest, most modern training facility is officially opening this fall!

The State of the Art training facility ”TERRACE Athletics”, developed by RCT Systems Japan, Inc. will officially open in 11th Oct 2019 at B2F of Garden Island , Tamagawa Takashimaya S・C.

RCT Japan has always committed to support training and social activity for athletes, particularly focused on skiers.

Our commitment continues to develop and evolve. Even our home office houses modern training equipment. We regularly have professional trainers in-house for the benefit and development of our athletes.

Last year, after just one call with Dr. Masayuki Inoue of NTT-East Sapporo Hospital, RCT Japan established the athlete team offering state of the art support for training, medical and nutrition management for the athletes and our co-workers.

These training methods were developed by a core of group athletes and training professionals including; skiers, parkour, yoga, kickboxing…These top athletes collaborate to spread their knowledge and training advancement through various RCT Japan events.

That‘s the origin of “TERRACE Athletics.”
We can’t describe how exciting it is to be opening our first full scale athletic training center.

The “TERRACE Athletics Trainer” is an all-star group of athletes with deep knowledge in each of their specific fields. Besides their own experiences and knowledge, they all attend the “R-ACADEMY”, which includes; structural anatomy, functional training and coaching technic, from our education program the “R-body project”.

TERRACE Athletics does not only show the skills, we provide ideal training program by analyzing each of our clients’ movement.

During their time at TERRACE Athletics, the youngster is able to exercise and have fun, just the way they are; while the adult revives their child like memories, and develops all their physical potential.

That’s TERRACE Athletics, where both the mental and physical life are enriched, to let you develop your PeakPerformance.

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