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In 1997, RCT Systems Japan, Inc. was founded as the exclusive sales agency of RCT Systems, Inc. (ShopperTrak today), a US based company that developed the world’s first pedestrian traffic monitoring system (People Counter) using machine vision and image processing technology. Today, over 90,000 People Counter systems are installed in 90 countries. Our strengths, in addition to this core technology, include unique integrated analytical solutions with the resulting data, and hands-on experience and proficiency in related promotional effectiveness and retail operations.


The People Counter accurately measures customer traffic from an overhead location with its Orbit product, an integrated high resolution camera, microprocessor and data storage. Running proprietary, cutting edge image processor algorithms, Orbit measures directional traffic and makes it available with a variety of I/O options


In order to identify the trends and insight from the massive amount of data collected from the Orbit monitors, we built the “Rainbow” data visualization tool. Since being released in 2004, Rainbow has helped our customers make and measure strategic decisions with customer traffic data. In addition to statistical data, Rainbow, with its own AI and IoT, provides easy and intuitive data visualization.


RCT Japan not only provides retail technology solutions but also sells outdoor Nordic brands online and offline through directly owned and managed shops. This unique combination of expertise, helps to offer customers comprehensive consulting services with analytical and operational insight to help generate higher lifetime values and revenues.

In Real Life

In our 20 years in business, we have seen historically dramatic changes in retail shopping behavior, decision making and preferred venues. We expect the years ahead to be equally as dynamic and ever changing.
In the past 20 years and for the years ahead our goal has and will be the same; to give our customers, the tools, insight and understanding of their shoppers interests and behavior to offer the most entertaining, engaging and finacially productive environments.


Our fundamental view is to always think from the standpoint of our customers and partners. Technologies are just tools to accomplish our mission of creating fun, enjoyable and profitable shopping experience and to deliver the value of sports and active lifestyles. We maximize the value of the tools and technologies we offer and continue to develop new tools for our customers benefit and advantage.

Yoshiyuki Fukushima, CEO of RCT Systems Japan, Inc.

Yoshiyuki Fukushima CEO, who is covered with snow during skiing